Quince De Mayo

Written by Stuart Silverstein on Monday, 01 May 2017. Posted in pediatrics board review

If you have a calendar provided by Anheuser Busch or Corona Beer then Cinco De Mayo is a holiday celebrated in US bars everywhere. Cinco De Mayo or as it is known in Mexico, May 5th is an insignificant day outside the State of Puebla and border town Bars catering to Americans on spring break (http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/do-people-in-mexico-celebrate-cinco-de-mayo)

However, if you have a calendar provided by the American Board of Pediatrics, then the important date on this calendar is “Quince de Mayo”. This is a date that should be circled in green and red. Quince de Mayo or May 15th as it is known in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is your last chance to sign up for the General Pediatric General Certification exam.

Remember to check your clocks because the day ends early at the American Board of Pediatrics headquarters in Chapel Hill. The deadline is actually at 3:00PM and not midnight on Quince de Mayo.

We do not suggest you wait until the last minute to register for the exam. Murphy’s Cinco De Mayo law suggests that there will always be last minute glitches that can arise. The American Board of Pediatrics warns that these glitches can include incorrect spelling of names and password resets which can take up to 48 hours to fix.

We strongly urge you to also circle Cinco de Mayo on your calendars, and complete your registration before that date (May 5th). Once you have this off your list you will be free to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and raise a toast to your compatriots in the Mexican State of Puebla in an American bar of your choice.

Go ahead what are you waiting for?


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