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Since the year 2000 :Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards ® has been the go to book for Pediatric Residents wishing to Pass the Boards their first time.

We are the only book that “ Takes the Boredom out of Board Review” ®.

Completely updated 2018 edition of the book that provides the high yield core material needed to pass the General Pediatric Certification  Exam.

It is also the user-friendly study guide for residents taking the Inservice Exam and reference book  while on service.

All Content and format completely updated.

The 2018 Edition includes

  • Buzz words in the questions that reveal the correct answers.

  • Mnemonics that are impossible to forget

  • Proven Test Taking Strategies

  • Techniques to avoid being diverted away from the correct answer 

The 2018 Edition, includes:

  • Clinical Vignettes: Here we will present a typical clinical vignette

  • The Diversion: Here we explain how you might be diverted from the correct answer. The diversion can come in many forms.

  • The Answer Revealed: Here we reveal the correct answer and show you how the correct answer can be deduced by carefully teasing out the important information and filtering out the diversionary material.

The 2018 edition contains updated margin icons that include:

  • Definition - This points to a definition

  • Perils - This alerts you to traps that lead to the incorrect answer

  • Hot tip - An important clues to recognizing the correct answer

  • Down to two choices - Minute  differences between similar disorders, the key to picking the correct answer every time.

  • Take home message - High yield board nuggets

  • Treatment - This points to specific treatments for a given diagnosis or disorder.

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