Congratulations to the Newly Certified Pediatricians who Just found out they Passed the Boards / 2019

Congratulations to the Newly Certified Pediatricians who Just found out they Passed the Boards / 2019

Posted by Stuart Silverstein, MD,FAAP on Dec 23rd 2020

Congratulations to all the Newly Certified Pediatricians

If you are among those who received a letter with the good news that you passed the boards, this truly is the " most wonderful time of the year"  A huge relief indeed to be able to claim that you are a " Board Certified Pediatrician" and a Diplomat ( yes that is the correct spelling ) of the American Board of Pediatrics and qualified to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Blow Your Own Horn

The American Board of Pediatrics has several ways you can now literally blow your own horn with all kinds of promotional trinkets and banners.  With New Years Eve right around the corner you can the timing is perfect.  These are available to all of us even if we passed the boards years ago.  Below you will find links from the American Board or Pediatrics for links for banners you can attach to your website, pins you can attach to your lab coat and flyers you can hand out to your patients or post to your office wall. 

You earned your board certification and now you literally have bragging rights

Attest after the Test 

First you have to attest that you will follow the rules byvattesting through this link. Choose the Pediatrician portal

You then get access to this widget you can use on your website noting you are now Pediatric Board Certified 

Pin it to your chest

You can order a pin for your lapel and a sticker for the registration window at your office or even your car if you really want to brag.  Just go through this link

You can print out this Flyer

Print out these Counter cards

Promote Your Newly Certified Status at Community Events with this Table Cover

If you really want to spread the word,the American Board of Pediatrics even has a Press Release template you can use to send out to local Media outlets of your new status as a Board Certified Pediatrician.

Alert your local news outlets:

Initial Certification Release