Double Dip on Pediatric MOC Part 4 Credit/For Pediatric Residents and Faculty

Updated December 21, 2018.

Double Dip in the Pediatric MOC Pool! 

Starting from the Spring 2015, residents and fellows have been able to double  dip their toes into the MOC pool. What the heck does that mean? If you are currently a resident, Maintenance of Certification is probably on lower on your list than planning your retirement. I would assume passing the Pediatric Boards in the first place is higher on your priority list. However, if you can bank MOC credit for the future, why not? 

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Quality Improvement Qualifying for MOC Part 4 Credit 

While you are in residency or fellowship training, you are already participating in quality improvement activities to meet your ACGME requirements. If you go through a few hoops you can apply for MOC Part 4 credit for these activities! 

You have to Dot your ITE  First 

Before you qualify you have to take your first In Training Exam (ITE) and then you can start banking Part 4 MOC points when partaking in appropriate quality improvement activities during residency. 

Sorry no Double Dip on your Part 2 MOC Credit 

As a pediatric resident or fellow you are allowed to participate in Part 2 activities as well  However, you cannot deposit those credits into the Part 2 MOC bank. 

However, it is an excellent way to prepare for the ITE exam and ultimately the Pediatric Board Certification Exam you will take at the completion of Residency. 

You can enroll in the MOC For Residents and Fellows program any time after November of your PL-1 year. The following is a link to the American Board of Pediatrics for details on how to enroll.

MOC For Residents and Fellows