General Pediatric Board Registration Foolish Late Fees!


Registration for the Board Exam is Coming Up soon !

April 1st also known as April Fools Day is coming up!  The deadline for signing up for the Pediatric Boards and avoiding the Late Fee, is also coming up !  

The deadline to register is 3 pm EST/EDT by April 2nd . 

Don't be a Fool ! Make sure you sign up for the Boards before the April 2nd deadline ! 

Waiting until April 3rd is like throwing  $375 out the Window. 

$375 can pay for our complete set of study guides with enough left over for dinner ! 

Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards -2019 Edition - $135

Self Assessment Questions and Answers - $175


$310 Total

         If you apply our DOCTOR10 Discount code at Checkout you save an additional 

- $31 and Pay 


$279 --

Even with shipping that leaves $75 for Dinner instead of throwing  $375 in late Fees out the Window ! 

Hurry up and sign up for the Pediatric Boards at the  ABP website, click here.