What’s your diagnosis for this lesion?

What’s your diagnosis for this lesion?

Posted by Stuart C. Silverstein, MD Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards on Jan 17th 2023

If you knew this was a strawberry hemangioma or capillary hemangioma, then you are well on your way to " Passing the Boards without Passing a Stone " ®

 You will likely be presented with or they will describe a  polypoid raised lesion  usually bright red to deep purple.    They are typically seen shortly after birth most commonly on the head or face . Strawberry hemangiomas are also called capillary hemangiomas and  go through a rapid growth period before they involute. 

In other words they get worse before they get better, and parental anxiety also escalates accordingly. Parental anxiety on the boards is often a distractor used to divert you in the wrong direction especially is there quotes around the parents words. 

In this case don't be fooled into believing this is a malignancy if this is falsely implied in the history. They might note that the parents are " concerned about cancer " which would tell that it is not a malignancy. 

Treatment now includes propranolol which is often the correct diagnosis That’s right!  Propranolol the heart slowing, anxiety reducing beta blocker is used to treat capillary / strawberry hemngiomas now. 

Commit this to memory and that’s one question closer to a relaxing ( beta blocking ) strawberry ( hemangioma) daiquiri on the beach to celebrate your passing the pediatric boards  

The following is additional information on Capillary( Strawberry Hemangiomas) from our recently released digital atlas " Pictures Worth 100 Points "