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Surfing Your Way to Pediatric Recertification and MOC 5th edition

The 5th Edition of our Surfing Your Way to Pediatric Recertification and the Maintenance of Certification - MOC Process ®

This is the High Yield Study Guide based on the popular “ Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatrics Boards” used by thousands of Pediatric Residents preparing for the General Pediatric Certification Exam each year.

Are you taking the Part 3 General Pediatric Certification Exam at a Prometrics ® Center ?

Will you be participating in the Pediatric MOCA quarterly process ? Do you need a high yield reference book as a guide?

This book cuts right to the chase and provides the high yield facts that has helped thousands of busy Pediatricians get through the Recertification Process painlessly !

This book:

Clarifies and Demystifies the Pediatric MOC process and requirements, and is a crucial roadmap for the busy pediatrician to navigate the:

“Part 2 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment”

Part 3 Exam and Part 3 MOCA-Peds Quarterly Quiz


“Part 4 Improving Professional Practice”

The 5th edition of Surfing Your Way to Pediatric Recertification and the MOC Process® is the only book on the market that “takes the boredom out of board review”®.

The high yield, easy to read format is your shortcut to getting through the entire MOC Cycle.

You are busy enough with your life! Why not pass the Pediatric Recertification exam the first time?

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