5 Essential Tips for answering the  MOCA Peds Questions Correctly

5 Essential Tips for answering the MOCA Peds Questions Correctly

Posted by Stuart Silverstein MD author Laughing Your Way to the Pediatric Question Bank on Oct 23rd 2023

What exactly are MOCA Peds Questions 

The MOCA Peds Question module is the method that most of us choose to satisfy the American Board of Pediatrics MOC Part 3 requirement. This must be satisfied to complete the 5 year MOCA recertification cycle. The other alternative is taking a 200 question proctored exam every 5 years. Most of us continue to have those nightmares where we are back at school and have a final exam tomorrow but we forgot that we even registered for the course and we wake up in a full panic. The specter of taking a proctored exam every 5 years will only increase the frequency of those nightmares and make them a reality.

5 Years Anxiety or 5 Minutes Anxiety ?

Most of us  choose 5 minutes of anxiety vs 5 years of the Sword of Domocles over our heads . On that note here are 5 tips to answering the MOCA Peds questions correctly and with ease

1) Be Familiar with the Content Specs

The American Board of Pediatrics published a list of topics that the MOCA Peds questions will be based on. Some of these topics are broad and some of them are specific. However there are two things you should do with this list. 

One is look it over and familiarize yourself with the topics. 

Two, have that list open and available to you when you are answering the MOCA Peds questions.  This list is your guide to what is being tested and will help you narrow down the correct answers. ( see below regarding having two monitors. 

2) Understand the Questions you Answered Incorrectly

You invariably will answer some questions incorrectly unless you are an AI bot. In fact some of us do a double take when we see the same question that gave us trouble in a previous quarter again. This is not your imagination. This is by design since the whole purpose of this , in theory at least, is to reinforce your fund of knowledge. .

When you have answered a MOCA Peds question incorrectly   it is important to understand why you answered them wrong and what the correct answer . Once you open a question you cannot review the ones you got wrong previously but you can be familair with them ahead of time and this turns a question that gave you trouble before into a slam dunk. 

3) Have 2 Monitors Open with your Open Sources Ready

Remember there is a 5 minute clock ticking. You are not going to have a lot of time to look up the answers and you don't want to waste time opening up another window. You should have one window open to the MOCA Peds questions and another with multiple screens for the resources you will use. Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards is working on a resource module for early next year. Until then and even once it is available, important resources to have open include the following. 

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatrics in Review ®
  • Up-to-date ®
  • American Board of Pediatrics Listed Studies - The ABP lists studies in their content specifications and these should be opened and ready for searching.

All of your resources should be open and ready for searching in order to make best use of your 5 minutes of time. 

4) Pick a Card Any Card 

As soon as you start your MOCA Peds question, there will be no choices selected . If there are no choices selected when the 5 minute timer reaches zero you will automatically be marked incorrect. 

Therefore the first thing you should do is pick an answer, so that if you lose track of time ( you should not ) you at least have a chance of having selected the correct answer.

Do not be afraid to change the answer once you have accessed your resources. This is not uncommon, which is not surprising since this is designed to update your knowledge base and dash common misconceptions in pediatrics. 


5) Train Your Brain to Answer Questions in 5 minutes

Lastly most of us are not used to answering questions under a 5 minute clock. This requires some getting used to and training to do so , will go a long way to making this situation comfortable. 

You can do practice questions with an online timer or a physical timer. 

We are in the process of setting up our Laughing Your Way to the Pediatric Question Bank specifically for those taking the MOCA Peds Question module which will include a 5 minute lock out timer which will essentially be a MOCA Peds simulator or workout gym. 

We will make an announcement by email when this module with the 5 minute timer is ready 


What you need to know take home message: 

  1. The MOCA Peds Question taken every quarter is the preferred method to obtain MOCA Part 3 credit.
  2. You will have 5 minutes to answer each question. 
  3. 5 Tips include.
  4. Know the Content Specs.
  5. You will see incorrectly answered questions again/ know and understand the correct answer.
  6. 2 monitors / one for the MOCA Peds Questions the other for your resources.
  7. Pick an answer as soon as you start the question.
  8. Practice answering questions under a 5 minute time limit.

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