Self Assessment Question and Answers 2019 Volume 3 Clinical Vignettes

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Self Assessment Question and Answers 2019 Volume 3 Clinical Vignettes

Free Download of Self Assessment Pediatric Questions & Answers 2019 Book 3 Clinical Vignetters Sample Pages

The 3rd Volume of our Self Assessment Pediatric Questions & Answers uniquely devoted to case scenarios and vignettes.

In the question section we provide you with a typical clinical vignette similar to what you might see on the board exam.

Our answer section provides a systematic approach that is not seen in other pediatric board review books. Here we highlight important points in the question that help reveal the tricks that might lead to the incorrect answer and information that reveal the correct answers. This is followed by the correct answers and a narrative explanation for these answers.

This illustrates a systematic approach to case scenarios that has a proven track record.

Our “Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards, Self Assessment Questions and Answers Volume 3: Clinical Vignettes:“ includes:

  • Over 125 detailed Clinical Case Scenarios with 2-3 questions each as they would likely appear on your exam!
  • We provide you with a proven system to break down each vignette systematically to avoid the diversions
  • Our Answer section contains several icon signposts indicating the significance of the highlighted material including:
  • Pertinent Negatives- rule out incorrect answers
  • Diversions and tricks- which might divert you from the correct answers.
  • Putting numbers into words – Putting data and other lab values into descriptive adjectives which will help in jogging your memory when applied during the exam.

Our Self Assessment Q&A Volume 3 is the perfect companion to our other pediatric board review texts, each focusing on what needs to be reviewed and what needs to be strengthened.

Whether you are preparing for the Pediatric Board Exam, the Pediatric MOC/Recertification Exam, Pediatric In-Service Exam (PIE) this book will help you approach board questions that are based on clinical vignettes with confidence. 

Passing the exam is a specialized skill that requires you to know the material in a specific way that is outlined in our series. 

Life is too short to take the boards more than once!