Pediatric Sample Board Question/ 15 year old with Sore throat and Fever

Whether you are preparing for the General Pediatric Certification exam, or the Pediatric MOC/ Part 3 or MOCA process you are likely to be tested on a variety of cases involving a child with a sore throat.  It is important to drill down and read the question carefully for clues regarding the correct diagnosis.  Once you are certain of the correct diagnosis and you are familiar with diagnostic criteria and treatment you are all set. 

This week's vignette involves a 15 year with  significant pain with swallowing. In additoin he has a high fever with erythema but no exudate.  The tonsils are asymmetric and there is no stridor . Immunizations are up to date. 

The Vignette and Questions are below.  This question is from our Clinical Vigentte book which also contains an annotated breakdown of the question which demonstrates how to successfully break it down to identify the correct diagnosis. 

Good Luck! 

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