Ace the Pediatric MOC Part 3 Proctored Exam ! Enjoy the Sun!

Ace the Pediatric MOC Part 3 Proctored Exam ! Enjoy the Sun!

Posted by Stu Silverstein, MD, FAAP on Mar 28th 2021

Now that Pediatric MOCA is available as an option to get MOC Part 3 credit fewer Pediatricians are electing to take the proctored exam at a Pro Metric Center. However, for some, this is a better option.  Since the MOCA process is a 4 year process it is not a good option for a Pediatrician who allowed their certification to lapse. In those cases, the exam is the only option to get the fulfill the Part 3 maintainence of certification requirement now!  In addition, some folks just don't like to have to answer questions regularly even if it is an open source situation. 

If you are planning on taking the exam, we recommend that you take it before July.  You might as well get it done and over and enjoy your summer.  Remember the exam is not given over the summer. In addition, if you don't pass you can pick it up again the fall. If you take it in the fall and fail, well then the pressure is on.

Better to light a fire , get it over with and start studying now ! If you have not registered yet step right up and register now using the following link to the American Board of Pediatrics Website 

Register or the Pediatric MOC Part 3 Proctored Exam 

For those of you who have already registered and wish to use our book you may click here

Go ahead and light that fire so you can enjoy the beach bonfires of summer!