American Board of Pediatrics  QOW (You can earn MOC 2 Credits every week)

American Board of Pediatrics QOW (You can earn MOC 2 Credits every week)

Posted by Stu Silverstein, MD, FAAP on Jan 12th 2020

Revised December 21, 2018 

Question of the Week (or Question of the day or Question of the Hour) 

The  American Board of Pediatrics offers a Question of the Week (QOW). This is a painless way to earn your MOC Part 2 credit. Each year, the ABP releases 50 questions a year, one week at a time. However, you can binge answer the questions, one question a day, or even one question every hour if you are under the gun and need to complete this requirement in a hurry to get in before the December deadline. 

20 Will Get You 10 

For every 20 questions, you answer correctly you get awarded 10 points toward your Part 2 MOC 40 point requirement. You must answer 25 questions correctly for it to count. If you answer the question incorrectly you don't get another shot at it

Turn the MOC Back 3 Years 

However, you can go back to 3 years worth of questions. Depending on where you are in your 5-year MOC cycle you can also continue to answer QOWs going forward.

Answer the Pre-test First 

You have to answer the question as a "pre-test" before you can move forward. You then get to view and/or read the abstract and commentary. After picking the answer in the Pre-test format they let you know by percentage, the choices your colleagues selected.

Don't be a Lemming 

Remember, just because a large percentage went for a given choice in the Pre-Test it doesn't mean it is the correct answer. The whole point of this (in addition to getting your Part 2 Credit) is to learn something new. Therefore, after reading the material, many of your colleagues might be going for a different choice which is the correct one.

lemmings jump off the cliff

Comment of the Week 

Once you answer the question there is a forum for each question you can post comments as well.  Some of the comments are actually funny. 

One reader even noted that he answered the question correctly on the Pre-Test but got it wrong after reading the abstract and discussion. This reader’s advice was to not read the answers before reading the abstract. No Comment!  

Image result for meme comment

The bottom line is: if you need these points this year, then you have to go through the abstract and discussion with emphasis on the conclusion and the parts of the discussion that focuses on the key points in the question.

If you have already gone through all of the archived questions then you will have to wait an entire week to move on to the next question since the QOW is a question of the week!

When you answer the question correctly you must "claim your pearl" by clicking the appropriate button. Below that is the "post" button and "comment section". This is where you post your comments that other readers can read or just ignore.

QOW Gets You CME 

By the way here is another opportunity to double dip. In addition to MOC credit, you also get 10 hours of CME credit for every 20 questions you answer correctly. This is one of the more popular methods to collect Part 2 MOC credits.

You can click on the following Lemming to get started on the American Board of Pediatrics Question of the Week.

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