Got MOCA Peds ? What About COVID ?  Good News !

Got MOCA Peds ? What About COVID ? Good News !

Posted by Stuart Silverstein, MD, FAAP on Mar 27th 2021

Who has time to deal with the MOCA quarterly questions during the COVID - 19 Pandemic ? 

That is a good question and the American Board of Pediatrics agrees and once again is coming through with some important flexibility. 

Drop 4 

During a normal 5 year MOC cycle you have to go through 20 quarterly cycles.  Ordinarily they will drop your lowest 4 scores. Clearly this is no ordinary year and you get a couple of additional breaks !

2 More Drops in the bucket 

 Because of all the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic you can have 2 more low scores dropped when calculating your final score. This of course is on an as needed basis but it is good to know.

Hit the MOCA Pause Button 

If you want to take a break altogether and focus on other issues ( like maybe building your practice back up to where it used to be) , you can even do that !

More information on these accommodations can be found on the American Board of Pediatrics COVID-19 link