5 Facts on Alopecia Pediatric Board Review Sample Question

5 Facts on Alopecia Pediatric Board Review Sample Question

Posted by Stuart Silverstein, MD on Mar 29th 2021

The following case is an 8 year old boy presenting with patchy distribution of hair loss over the course of 8 weeks, with the following appearance. The following is a Pediatric Board Review Sample Question featuring an 8 year old child presenting with alopecia. Read the question first, then answer the MLQs. You can then review how you can approach a question like that on the exam. 

We include 5 Important facts on this diagnosis at the bottom of the page ! 

Alopcia areata

Please read the following vignette and board review questions. After you have decided on the answers, read the breakdown of the question and compare with your reading of the question. The answers and explanations follow 

Pediatric Board Review Question

Pediatric Board Review Questions

Pediatric Board Review Vignette Explanation

Pediatric Board Review Answers

5 Take home Facts about Alopecia Areata 

1) Smooth non erythematous skin 

2) No broken hairs 

3 ) Most of the hair will grow back in a year

4) Routine intervention is not indicated 

5) Nail Pitting can also be seen